Strike It Rich
Canvas Size 28" x 35"
Edition Size of 995 s/n
100 A.Ps
Lounge Lizards
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Canvas Size 22" x 17.5"
Edition Size of 500 s/n
Canvas Size 44" x 55"
Edition Size of 50 s/n
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Strike it Rich is a perfect complement to my previous pieces, Stack n’ Burn and Money the Burn.  In this image we see that our Olives have done it yet again.  Their luck has come flying in on a pair of burning dice.  With a Blackjack in hand, one olive has already sent a burning paper airplane constructed out of a hundred dollar bill, and is now lighting a G-note on fire.  Can you see that this hundred dollar bill has Godard customization?  It is actually a “Hundred Bucks” bill with MARTINI8 as the serial number and “Bottoms Up” printed on it.  Take a closer look at Ben Franklin’s eyes.  Anywhere you move he is watching! - Michael Godard. 
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