Lounge Lizards
MOSAIC Canvas Size
APPROX 44 x 55. 

Edition size limited to 50 mosaic murals
Lounge Lizards
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The initial image is cut up and individually stretched, the canvases are then layered on top of each other creating a 3D effect. 
This is an awesome retro piece.  The décor such as classic lounge chairs, lava lamps, and neon lights make you want travel back the the 70’s.  The realism of the lizards is remarkable, right down to the scales.  The stir stick is topped with grasshopper, a Lizard’s favorite snack.  The old bartender is a bit of a “horny toad” with grey whiskers to show his age.  The Olive cocktail waitress is modeled after the world famous MISS KITTY.  Can you see my wife, Elly’s name on the floor?