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...'what is a giclee?'
A GICLEE (pronounced ZHEE-clay) comes from the French term for "fine spray".  A giclee print is created with digital printers using four tiny ink jets that spray more than 4 million microscopic water-based colored ink droplets per second onto a sheet of fine art paper or a canvas, spinning on a drum at the rate of 250 inches per second. 
  Precise computer calculations control these ink jets to produce over 500 shades of dense, water-based ink.  A computer directly scans an artist's original work to control the jets - no printing film or plates or used.  The final product is a superior, lush, vibrant, near original quality, textured art print; one that has the feel of a watercolor, and the look of an original lithograph.  A Giclee has more long-term value and is the highest quality fine art reproduction available.
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